Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CPSIA ... news? Geting better??

Well.. I;ve read SO MUCH about it, and still find this new regulation so confusing.

I am up to giving our children save products, but WE the artisans, people that work handcrafted items, work with the best of what's around. I mean, I buy my materials from well-knowned stores, I DO NOT buy from the internet, because I don't know where the fabric came from.
I get worried about allergies... I am very allergic, so I use non-toxic, non- allergic materials..

I've been thru a lot of posts, even going to my competitors - I believe there is NO competition here, we need to find a solution and exchange thoughts and findings about this new law. So far, only one of them posted something helpful: the cost of testing a pair of shoes.

One of the shops in the Etsy forums, added that she've seen something regarding shoes, and I found this:

"Do the phthalate limits apply to children’s shoes or socks?
Shoes and socks are not considered to be children’s toys or child care articles. See the Office of the General Counsel Advisory opinion ("

That is regarding Phthaletes... but what about lead??????

If someone knows something, please share. Otherwise, my shop will have to close.

Thanks, and will keep you posted.